Sheltering with God

Much is being written and said about our new lifestyle. We are in an era of staying at home. One of the most mobile societies on the face of the earth has been caused to slow down and shelter in place. Terms like that, before mid-March, were reserved for events of the magnitude of a tornado. Rightfully so, given that the current pandemic has the same type of negative impact on us as such a catastrophic event has. Lives, jobs, and much more are being lost. The silent and invisible enemy has turned this world upside down. Our defense; stay at home. While this seems to be a relatively easy assignment, for many it isn’t.

Regrettably, many homes are places of confusion and no peace. Persons living in such environments found their respite at work, school, or other places that offered more positive reinforcements of their mental well-being. Staying at home can be challenging when those who comprise the home have not ascribed the biblical teaching of home.


We are reminded that unless Christ makes the home it will not stand. While some hear this and think about construction, I remind you that just as the Church is not a building, a structure cannot make a home. It may be called a house, but it cannot be a home unless God dwells with those on the inside.


The Apostle Peter gives us an example of that which we must desire to become. He calls us to become “living stones” and allow Christ to convert us to spiritual houses that become part of his holy priesthood (1 Peter 2:2-1). As Christ, the prophesized Chief Cornerstone, the one rejected by the builder, dwells within us through the Holy Spirit, we become his children who seek and desire peace.


I contend that the adjective, living stones, reminds us that there are many parts to put together to create the home that dwells in the peace of God. Every stone has its place, but all must start with the chief cornerstone, Christ Jesus.


Some stones must be strongly placed and cemented with the Word of God. They are fortified by the scripture. They are not surprised by the present events because the Word has warned of dangers ahead. They face the present situation faithfully holding on to Christ. Yes, the songwriter was correct, “on Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand”.


All stones must see God as a loving father. They are called into obedience and desire to have God’s will direct their lives. Some may not read scripture as dutifully as others, but they experience God in multiple ways. Perhaps in nature, in the sound of the birds, the beauty of the trees, or the warmth of the Sun. Each day reminds them of the Great Creator who they trust. They seek harmony with him in this life.


Others may confess their knowledge and experience of a healing God. One who has been their physician throughout their lives. For them, God is the one who took their personal brokenness and little by little allows them to become stronger each day. It may have been a health issue, or perhaps a relationship issue or the pain and grief from suffering a major loss. Whatever it was, God was right there and provided his healing power. God stitched together the things in their lives that were torn apart. Now they are a living stone.


Whatever our story, our house cannot become a home unless we allow God to dwell within us and around us. In this season of sheltering in place, I pray that you never feel alone because God is right there with you. I pray that fear is not your company, for God has given you a spirit of love and a sound mind. It is my hope that each home that reads this article is one in which God is dwelling within each stone (person) and the acts of all reflect the work of the Father who dwells within (John 14:10).


So, as we ride out this storm in our various homes, take refuge in God and shelter in his care. God is with us and blessing us each day. Stay connected to him and he will make living stones a home.


Pastor Jones